The project PSP hologram was born in 2006 as a concept for the Play Station (Sony) possible evolution. Using Head up Display F1 helmet or other similar systems used in military aviation, it is possible reduce the consol dimension, magnifying at the same time the interaction and fruition of the object.

    Small and ergonomic, it was designed following the human hands shape. "Star Trek" has given real scientists more futuristic technologies to strive for than any other piece of science fiction, but there is one that perfectly embodies the anything-is-possible. The holodeck, introduced in "Star Trek: The Next Generation," is the ultimate tool for experiencing any time and place with utter realism and immersion. The holodeck represents movies and literature brought to life, and ever since "Star Trek" writers dreamed it up, we've been pining for virtual reality technology to catch up with the 24th century.


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