The electric Brutale Z-4312 (Zero emission) is a radical evolution of the traditional spark-ignition engine models. The idea is to perceive the evolution of MV in the next future as a tribute to Massimo Tamburini and his distinctive lines. But also to analyse how the MV could evolve with the use of a new language, thanks to the adaptable electric engine capabilities. This new bike retains strong styling connections with the MV characteristics lines to capitalise on the positive impact its progenitor had generated. It meant to represent a “recurring theme” for the MV Agusta lovers, but the connection with the previous generation ends here. The lines for the front are extreme and complex, a mix of strong vs curvy edges. The battery pack takes inspiration from the F3 Exhaust iconic artwork.

    The Brutale Z 4312 is compact. The seat used Alpha GEL pad, leaving the rear-end open. A “loose” hubless technology is applied to obtain the big chest - narrow waist design that accentuates the muscularity of the bike.



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