This concept received high praise by Marco Lambri, Senior Vice President Vehicle Design Centre Product  Development and Strategies - Piaggio Group. I redesigned the Aprilia SXV supermoto, on the base of the  observation of animal anatomy rudiments (muscles, structures, bones) and semiotics of a feline (agile,  aggressive, strong, flexible, sexy). I have chosen the lion as it is the symbol of Aprilia (based in Veneto region) and an historical symbol of the powerful Republic of Venice. The front shape of the concept I have realized is a synthesis of a lion head, the tank is inspired by the muscle fibres of the animal shoulders and the work-fatigue they have to perform. In some parts, like the rear area, I have preferred to keep a strong relationship and  linkage with the original Aprilia SXV style. I would like to thank Hexagon Metrology - Cardiff Racing for the basic Aprilia 3D engine point scanning and Camka for some 3d data for the front fork.

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