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    Stefano Ceppi Industrial Design Studio is a multidisciplinary studio. The studio is specialised in product and vehicle design and can provide  research, conceptual product designer investigating, product design development, advance design scenario, advance vehicle design, surface and form research, user profile, cultural trends study, social behavior perception and design strategies.


    Stefano Ceppi is able to connect the specialists you need to recognize the key issues in your innovation life-cycle.


    All these services will make fundamental variations to your product’s visual branding. Objects communicate the value of design, research, innovation and history for a company. The key question now is how do we achieve the most appropriate industrial design in today’s rapidly changing markets, cultural and social scene. These structural changes are fundamental to the understanding and appreciation of cutting edge products. Collect and analyse information, turn the answers into original and valuable ideas that can bring more relevant appealing and innovative products to life.



    作为一个设计师Stefano Ceppi可以提供研究,产品设计 发展,超前的设计方案,先进车辆设计,表面和 构造研究,用户个人资料,文化发展趋势的研究和设计策略。所有这些 服务将给您产品的视觉品牌塑造带来本质性的改变。产品可以阐述一个公司设计的价值,研究,创新以及公司的历史。现在关键的问题是,如何才能获得一个最合适的产品设计以适合如今迅速变化的市场,文化和社会背景。这些结构式的变化对理解和欣赏尖端产品是很关键的。Stefano Ceppi能够将您在技术革新生命周期中需要认识到的关键的专业技术连接起来。通过收集和分析资料,把答案变成原创和有价值的理念以给生活带来更多相关的,有吸引力和创新的产品。



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    I am a product/vehicle designer. Currently, I work independently through my design consultancy Studio in Europe/Asia market. In 2018 proudly for Moto Guzzi 100 yrs anniversary - motorcycle design research for the upcoming event 2021- (Piaggio Group). Also working in innovative ideas and patents related to racing competitions. In 2017 I was proudly surprised by MV Agusta Reparto Corse phone-call  to explore my innovative solutions and ideas. In 2014 as PIAGGIO Group, I was honored to designed (R&D), new concept vehicles (first e-bike in PIAGGIO history), as official supplier.


    In the recent years I was working in China as lecturer and professional designer in RDI Dongua University Shanghai, where I was responsible for the development of vehicle design. Also I have been working as an Art Director in Italy. As lecturer in a Design College in Rome - (Istituto Quasar ) and responsible for all Industrial Design  client projects. Before I was selected to enter the Fiat Advance Design (adus project) in the Milan based office, where I gained great experience thanks to the Head Designer Roberto Giolito and also the team of the Design Innovation Center. I was leading project presentations and a project team for the development of vehicles, scenario and partnership for Asia market.

    During and after college I collaborated with well-known companies such as: Mathmos, Bianchi, Shiba, Vetrerie Bruni, Ducati, Barilla and many others too. Many projects are protected by NDAs (non disclosure agreement) and therefore, client property.



    * In 2001 I was selected to study at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in London - (U.K.), where I graduated in 2004.

    For my final major project, I designed a BMW tilting vehicle in collaboration with the Royal College of Art. Thank to Dale Arrow (Dean in RCA) for his help.

    * 1999 Kingsway College -3D Design - London - (U.K.).




    目前,我在自己独立经营的Stefano Ceppi咨询工作室工作,业务偏重欧洲和亚洲市场 的;同时还兼任了罗马的一所设计学院(Instituto Quasar)的讲师。许多其它我曾与之直接 或间接合作过的公司都在我的网页中提及。遗憾的是,由于版权等原因,我无法添加任何我 曾从事过的工作的视频,在此表示深深的歉意。

    我叫Stefano Ceppi, 是一位资深的产品/车辆设计师。尽管我是一名意大利人,但我在伦 敦度过了大部分时光。2000年,我就读于英国的Kingsway学院3D设计系;2年后,我被荣幸 地选赴位于伦敦的中央圣马丁学院(Central Saint Martins College)艺术与设计系学习,并于 2004年毕业。在校期间及毕业之后,我还曾多次与某些知名企业在产品与汽车设计方向合作,包括

    Mathmos, Bianchi,Shiha,Piaggio, Vetrete Bruni,Ducati。直至今日,我仍和他们保持亲密联系。






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    Veronica Su Profile:

    A Material Chemist with experience in the effects of nanomaterials on bulk properties of polymers. Familiar with surface modification, organic synthesis, microscopy, FTIR, TGA, DSC, porosity measurements, various mechanical tests and manufacturing processes like extrusion and injection moulding. PhD from Cambridge University (U.K)


    Annamaria Iantaffi Profile:

    Generating ideas, human factor, script contributing and reviewing, live-footage and researcher, UED, fact finding, archive researching. TV and web journalism and editing, working with high profile talents and their agents, contacts and contributors finding, social media assessing, briefing presenters, organising events.


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